Two Triggers I Can Not Control

It has been a while since I have posted here and mostly because I have been going through a lot of bad events some of which were expected some not expected. I recently had to put one of my two oldest cats, Prince, to sleep due to kidney failure. He is now on the mantle with his mom and brother. I have one more of the family left and she is also 16 years old and fairing so so. My husband also has been in for kidney stone removal and so was home for a week recovery which meant I was playing nursemaid. He is better for now but will have to get used to drinking more water to keep from getting more stones. Not something he wants to do. So the stress level around here has been extremely higher than normal and mostly out of my control. I did enjoy a visit with my granddaughter who lives in Louisiana and is five years old and whom I haven't seen since she was 2. She was born four days after my birthday so we are very much alike in many ways. One is that every seven years our birthday is on Thanksgiving and we are REAL TURKEYS! That is what my Dad used to tell me since I was known for being silly most of the time anyway. I never do anything half way good or bad silly or serious it is all or nothing and I will stay that way, that is Just Me.
Years ago when I first found out that I actually had what is now known as migraines there were three triggers I could not control. Hormones, the weather and stress. I now am taking a natural soy based hormone replacement and no longer have a problem with frequent unexplained mood swings, hot flashes, night sweats or migraine pain from my hormone imbalance. That has taken care of one trigger I was unable to control in the past. As for the weather and stress, not so fortunate on those two issues. There is absolutely nothing I can do to change or stop the weather from bothering me. No matter where I might live there will always be humidity, cloudy skies, cold and storms. As far as stress well I guess I could live in a monastery or convent but not sure if there is any that would accept me. Being the wild child that I am not a good fit.
My only recourse is to try to deal as best I can with the weather and as for the stress I am looking into alternatives ways to deal with that also. I am going to go to a meeting with a neighbor to see about practicing Buddhism and am also looking into relaxation techniques that will lessen the effects of stress on my body and mind. One other thing I am going to try to do is not read, listen or follow information that upsets me in regards to new treatments for migraines. For example the most recent news flash of how cosmetic surgery on forehead wrinkles help migraine sufferers. That is all well and good for someone who has the financial means to afford that kind of surgery in the first place but what about the millions of others who don't have that option. And the other upsetting treatment using Botox. Who in their right mind would inject themselves with poison. I have had migraines for over 40 years and at times have been bed ridden for weeks with pain and even wished I were dead, only in the pain induced extreme, but would never put a known poison in my body even if it were free.
Please people who read this blog do not let the medical society and the pharmaceutical companies influence your own common sense and induce you to take or try chemicals that are not only dangerous but deadly. There are many other natural herbs and vitamins that can achieve the same end without any dangerous side effects or at the least very slight side effects which will not hurt or kill you.
Even the simplest thing like using an ice pack can relieve the most horrific pain from a migraine and there is absolutely no side effects from it's use.

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perpetualspiral said...

Hey Dar, here's hoping that no new catastrophes or bad weather hit you for awhile. I'd say forever but those things are part of life. We can't control a lot of what happens around us, only our reactions to it. I think it's great you are seeking help from buddhist sources. Another thing you can do is strenghten your boundaries and learn how to say "no" when others in your life are trying to foist their stresses onto you. It's difficult for people who are so inclined to wanting to help others but there is absolutely nothing to be gained by martyring ourselves. You are just as important and deserve your own care as much as anyone else does. And the people around you can learn to draw on their own strengths instead of yours when you choose to say "no" to them when it is too much for you. Of course, I should learn to take my own advice more...I do with everything except WAMCARE though :)

Love ya, big hugs.

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