New Members of the "Put My Head in The Freezer" Group

Yesterday a sweet friend of mine from Twitter posted a link to a migraine chat group that meets every Wednesday evening. I have joined some of these groups before and honestly have to say that they were mostly bitch fests where everyone just wanted to vent about other things in their lives that had nothing to do with migraines. This one is totally different and a great place to exchange information and get support. In just one day I have found connections with others who have tried medicines and doctors and found only criticism and failure just as I have. I have known for years that I am not alone in my headache suffering and that there are those who are much worse off than me and I have tried to share my experiences with them. The things that have worked for me and the things that didn't work for me and sadly the information didn't go very far or get to very many who suffer. Know may be different I sincerely hope so.
Below is a link to a trailer of a book written by a young lady who is suffering far worse than I am and also may have suffered in the past. It is hard to say since when I started having migraines the term didn't exist and over the counter medications for pain were Aspirin, Excedrin and Buferin. Not much to choose from and since the medical association didn't recognize these server headaches as a real problem prescriptions were not given for pain especially to young women.
I have not read this book but do plan on getting it soon.

The ladies I met last night have inspired me to do more on this blog and my others and to also work more on my websites. This is not going to be easy for me I seem to be lazier than ever lately when it comes to doing those things that used to give me joy. All I seem to want to do is watch twitter and Facebook, listen to the TV and play solitaire on the computer. I do the normal daily things but nothing really gets my juices flowing or gets me excited. This is not to say I don't get angry with the world events and the horrible actions of others and how they are affecting those in need but that is not the same and feeling joy at doing new things and seeing people and spending time with others. I did go to a birthday party last week for the 1 yr old daughter of a former co-worker, yes I had a job for about 4 months but the owners lied to me about keeping me on permanent and then hired back someone who had worked there last year and walked out on them one day with no notice. WEIRD. Anyway the party was great and I laughed and had the best time I have had in a long time being with people who really didn't know me very well but accepted me as a friend.
I am looking forward to posting more here and am going to work on combining all of my blog pages on my websites.
Thank you for visiting and Be Blessed.

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