4 Days Of Misery

I have just gone through a four day migraine due to weather. Now some may ask how can the weather give me a migraine that lasts four days without relief? It happens when the barometric pressure increases the sky fills with dark heavy clouds and the air is filled with pressure that doesn't let up. The effect is like have a lead weight pressing down on my brain from the inside out. I tried ice pack, medication, sugar, caffeine, sleeping you name it, nothing worked. Today the sky is clearer, not completely but less cloudy and the sun is shinning somewhat. The problem is that the weather is supposed to get back to cloudy again in the next two days. I am praying that it does not bring on another round of pain.
I looked up barometric pressure and migraines on the net and all the sites said the same thing: stay inside!!! Yea right like that helps!!! Staying inside is not only all one can do in this condition but the severity of the weather outside doesn't stay outside. I affects us even if we do stay inside. Who ever came up with that statement must not only be an idiot but must be a moron and has never had a migraine caused by this weather condition.
Today I am feeling better, somewhat weak due to the effects of the meds and just staying inside but better. I am making meat loaf and potatoes for dinner which is the first real meal I have felt like having since Monday. Smells good which is a great sign. If I do get another bad headache then at least I will have had a good meal this week.
I know that it is not just the weather but also stress. I am still on unemployment and have been going through a rough time with getting my benefits and all due to the fact that the person who I spoke to did not do their job. Must be nice to have that kind of job security and especially when you have peoples livelihoods in your hands. Oh well, enough venting gripping whining. Take care.

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