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I have done my first RSS feed on google for migraines. It is mostly old and unreliable information but I have come across some very good blog pages and some new information. For now I am just going to put some of my old information that has worked for me and some new information on treatments I am now trying.
First the old - I have always believed in and used natural herbs and supplements to treat my migraines and to help counteract the lack of vitamins obtained from our unhealthy food grown with hormones, pesticides and herbicides. Since my migraines were caused by so many triggers it was difficult, if not impossible, to eliminate them all and to take the right supplement to defend against the migraine. I found about 10 years ago that a combination of calcium and magnesium helped tremendously. The best and purest I have found is from Country Life and there is 1000 mg of calcium and 500 mg of magnesium in 2 caplets which is the normal daily dosage. I now take 3 a day just because of my age and to prevent osteoporosis. I have also found that grape seed is a great detoxifier and I take one a day at bedtime. There are many brands and strengths but I now use Puritans Pride grape seed extract. I also take 1 cod liver oil capsule a day at dinner. This is another antioxidant but also has Vitamin D which is great for blood circulation, another cause or condition related to migraines. These are just a few of the vitamins and supplements I have been taking for the past 25 years.
Now the NEW - There is only 1 new vitamin that I am taking for the past3 months but it has has a remarkable effect. Vitamin B2 500 mg per day in the morning. My new neurologist started me on it and within the first week I noticed a decrease in the frequency and intensity of my migraines. I was able to cut my use of fiorecet down to half of what I had been taking. Then a set back. The skies started to be increasingly cloudy, heavy with black and the barometric pressure was so intense I felt like I was constantly under 100 feet of water. Migraines came back with a vengeance as though to make up for lost time and lack of pain. I went back to using the full amount of fiorecet prescribed by my doctor. I went back to my neurologist and he told me to be patient. He knew I was feeling a let down since I had experienced such a great relief but he told me that the longer I took the B2 the more it would help and even with the pressure caused by the weather. I persisted and then this week it came true. We have had almost a week of rain, wind clouds and humidity. You see I live in Las Vegas desert and we are not supposed to have humidity. Thanks to all of the golf courses and pools and fountains the dry desert is no more. But I am better, I am nearly pain free, and I am happy. I still get a slight tightening behind my left eye and the back of my head but not nearly as bad and I have cut my pain meds down by 1/3 of what I was taking. YAHOOOO and happy days.
In future posts, I am going to list all or as many of my triggers as I can remember from all of the years of suffering. Some have gone by the wayside and some have become random, one day they trigger a migraine and some days they don't. It appears that triggers can be as fickle as some of the doctors and researchers that want us to believe we are neurotic and this is only imaginary or some other crackpot excuse for selling drugs that don't work or to put us on medication that is far worse that the pain. Some may say that there is nothing worse than the pain of a full blown, put your head in the trash basket, cut it off and freeze it, shoot me migraine but I disagree and believe me I have felt this pain. I don't want to die from a stroke or be paralyzed. Some of the new drugs have not been tested long enough and the side effects are far worse than the pain. There have been deaths from migraines. Yes some who have suffered severe pain and can not take it anymore have ended the pain in the most final way. Suicide is a constant threat, little voice in some of us but no one has died from the pain itself. Just from the medications and the wish to end the pain in any way possible. To all of you who have suffered as I please send me your comments and suggestions and ideas. Take care, be safe and remain hopeful.
Here are links for where I purchase my vitamins and supplements.


ModernMom said...

Hi there
I have been having migraines for nearly 8 years now! UG
You seem to have a wealth of information here and I want to thank you for posting it. Hope you don't mind another follower:)

Wiccan13 said...

Modern Mom sorry for not getting back to you sooner life is crazy sometimes/all the time and I have been stretching myself way too thin. Time to get back to Just Me and my life my needs and my care. I will be posting a new entry on this page soon hopefully today not sure I have to get bday stuff for hubby's day tomorrow look for new info since last post. Inexpensive natural help I have recently found that REALLY HELPS MY MIGRAINES.

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