The Loss of Simple Things

The Simple Things I’ve Given Up
There are lots and lots of things about living with migraines that frustrate me; not doing well at work, not being able to play or have fun due to migraine pain or sickness, others not understanding the problem, doctors and drug companies making money off of my pain. The most frustrating thing or loss is the simple things. I love chocolate like most people do but chocolate is a major trigger for my migraines. I discovered this years ago and it used to be all the time. Even the smallest piece of chocolate would send me to bed with a 10+ migraine vomiting in pain for a day or more. Now it seems that the trigger is not predictive. Some days I can have chocolate and there is no migraine some days it is mild and some days it is major a 10+. That means that if I want to have any chocolate, like syrup on my ice cream, a piece of chocolate cake, or my favorites like a cup of hot cocoa on a cold winter night or a warm chocolate chip cookie fresh out of the oven I mentally flip a coin and then decide if I want to take the chance.
Living with migraines for me is mostly about watching what I eat and how long I sleep – too much or too little can trigger a migraine – but the frustrating part is the unknowns like chocolate. This one thing seems to be the only unknown as far as food. I have learned that all foods with high sodium content are a big no no as well as lots of garlic and preservatives. Those things I can control and have with no regrets or cravings after all potato chips are really not good for you and nuts can be bought unsalted and preservatives cause cancer and other illnesses when eaten too much or too often.
Last night I was freezing, my bones ached and I was just really miserable since we had snow here in Vegas during the day and tea just didn't hit the spot. I tried to make a cup of hot carob but it turned out really grouse so I flipped the coin and took a chance on an old fashioned cup of cocoa make with nestle quick, we all have had that and grew up with it. Oh it was heaven so warm and not too chocolaty. I drank it so fast it was hard to not just gulp it down since it has been over a year since my last cup. Well today I am paying the price. Yup, around 3:30am I woke up or rather was woken up with a migraine on the scale in the range of a 7 or 8. I got up took two of my pills went back to bed praying that it would be gone in the morning. At 6:30am I awoke again to pain still around a 7 or 8 and so that will be the rest of my day. It may be gone by tonight which is how long the chocolate usually takes to leave my system, fingers crossed.
Many people I have met who suffer from migraines are frustrated with the loss of jobs, money, travel which is fine we are all different. For me it is the loss of simple things for to me the simple things are what make us smile the most often.
To all my fellow migraine sisters, take care, smiles, hugz and love.
Darlene Blair

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Katharine Hope said...

Hi Darlene,

I am new to you blog and am stopping by. I am so happy to find other migraineurs online after being isolated for so long. Yes! Chocoltae. I had to give it up to, even mole sauce--you know the mexican suace with chocolate in it? But it's good for me because I used to eat stacks of chocolate chip cookies at a time and couldn't stop. I relate to the sleep stuff as well. I hate not being able to be careless about sleep or just go out late and not feel like I need to get back in time to relax and stick to my schedule. Hugz to you back!

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