So Much For Todays Plan

Well the day started out okay but within less than 30 minutes the head was full of pain. Took meds with coffee, applied ice pack and no help. Had wanted to clean up back yard, get rid of old cupboard and spray off patio and clean tables etc. Got some of it done, cupboard is disassembled and moved out of the way, wooden crates are set up for gardening and pool supplies, throw away stuff is in trash bags but that is as far as I have gotten. Need to take a shower and bring son to work soon, as well as go to store for a few items too tie us over until grocery shopping next week and then hubby wants to go out for dinner. Not going to be much fun for me with headache but as usual he comes first. Need to change that but not sure if solution is a possibility at this time. I have started a new blog page about surprises. Don't think I will be able to finish today since it is really hard to think of new things with the migraine. Creativity is limited on these kind of days, mundane actions are easy as well as writing about things I am very familiar with like migraines. Have no idea why the headache, since I have been watching my diet and can't think of any extreme stress lately and there are no clouds in the sky but it could be a delayed reaction from last 2 or 3 days of stress and weather. Oh well, onward and upward and look forward to meeting with new friend and her 2 twin girls next week. They are coming over so the girls can swim and Stephanie and I can get to know each other better, although I/We feel like we are already old and good friends. Such a joy to meet new friends, one of the few joys in my life these days. Now I am getting/sounding depressing, so will close for today. As ever take care and be safe.

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mbeek said...

I've read all of your migraine posts. As a fellow sufferer, I absolutely feel your pain. I found the supplements you were told about to be very interesting, and shall pick up some B12 on my next trip to the store.

After living with migraines my entire life, but having ER grade migraines for the past 2 or 3 years, as you know, you get to be willing to try just about anything.

Sometimes while at the ER, I'm afraid I won't die - which is a sad state of affairs.

The internet can indeed be a helping hand and a link.

It is nice to know that I'm not alone.

I attempted a migraine blog - but my last post was last year: http://www.migrainemadness.com

Thank you for the information.

All the best,


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